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Like most websites and apps, we use cookies. By using the SME website you agree to our use of cookies.

Cookies help us remember your preferences

You can think of cookies like stickers. Every time you visit a site, that site puts a sticker on you so they can keep track of how many times you’ve visited, how long you’ve spent there, and what you’ve done. That lets the site show you things which are relevant to you, based on information you’ve entered and pages you’ve looked at. The length of time stored depends on the cookie, but this is generally between a few minutes and up to two years.

Cookies never store any of your sensitive details.

We use a couple of different kinds of cookies:

  • ‘Session cookies’
  • ‘Persistent cookies’

Session and Persistent cookies track what you’re doing on a specific visit to our site

We use session cookies to improve our site and give you a better experience. Session cookies let us see where you spend your time, and work out which bits are most (and least) effective. Persistent cookies let us remember you on future visits, improving your experience of services or functions offered.

You can turn cookies off if you like

Exactly how to do it depends on your browser or phone settings. Try looking in your ‘Help’ section, or searching for ‘How to block cookies’.