Visit SME at AXPONA 2024 in Chicago

SME is excited to be part of the AXPONA 2024 HiFi Show from April 12 to 14, 2024, at the Schaumburg Convention Center in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Come and explore our precision turntables, including the Model 6 Classic, Model 12 MK2, Model 20 MK2, and the Garrard 301 Classic & Advanced, featured in different rooms throughout the event.

SME Model 6 Classic
Manley Labs EarGear Room

SME Model 12 MK2
Treehaus Audio Labs Room 1420

SME Model 20 MK2
Ampsandsound Room 550

Garrard 301 Classic & Advanced
Rhythm Distribution Room 660-664

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Johannes Kraemer