SME MK2 Launch Event – October 2022

The long-awaited SME MK2 turntable product launch took place in mid-October 2022 at a very special location of St. Mary’s House in Bramber, West Sussex, England, not far from the SME factory in Steyning.

SME MK2 Launch Event 003

St. Mary’s House was built in the 15th century (1470) and during the 19th century (1890) the house owners extended with a Victorian style music room. An historical house over 550 years old with beautiful gardens and an elegant music room of excellent sound quality provided the perfect setting for a special occasion.

SME MK2 Launch Event 002

The launch event was over two days with SME distributors and dealers attending from Asia, North America, Europe and of course from the United Kingdom who were able to experience for themselves the high-class performance of the new SME turntables. On the first day, the new MK2 Model 12 played at St. Mary’s to one group who enjoyed the music and sound demonstration whilst the second group learnt about SME’s manufacturing processes at the Steyning factory which is precise, highly skilled and refined craftsmanship. On the second day, guest presenter Matthias Böde from Germany presented SME’s ultimate flagship turntable the Model 60 to an astonished audience. The Model 60 lays claim to the title of “the best turntable in the world”. During the event a custom-made, one-off Model 60 in a Pink anodised finish was unveiled. The custom-made “One-of-One” series will soon be launched comprising of 75 individual Model 60’s in colour. All 75 pieces will be one of a kind, utterly unique and strictly limited to one of 75 special colours in celebration of 75 years of SME.

SME MK2 Launch Event 005

The new MK2 Model 12 turntable provided an exquisite sound level, supported with partnering equipment from Nagra, Boulder, Rockport loudspeakers and Siltech cables which made a thrilling listening impression. Matthias Böde presented numerous vinyl highlights, including a rare directly cut DMM dubplate with copper surface. The feedback from the audience was very enthusiastic, for whom the unique venue, the supreme sound system and the well organised event made the SME MK2 launch an unforgettable experience.

SME MK2 Launch Event 006
Johannes Kraemer