First production Model 60 delivered July 2022

First production Model 60 delivered July 2022. 

SME is pleased to announce that the first production Model 60 turntable was delivered to UK dealer Guildford Audio. The handover took place at a special personal delivery event at SME on Monday 25th July 2022. SME Chairman Ajay Shirke and CEO Stuart McNeilis were delighted to personally present Model 60 Serial Number 001 to Guildford Audio owner Trevor Martin.

The Model 60 is the most technically advanced SME turntable ever made, evolved from 75 years of engineering excellence, innovation and perfection, delivering precise and pure audio reproduction. Introduced 60 years after SME entered the elite high end audio world, the Model 60 is far superior than the highly credible Model 30 which has been the reference precision turntable for over 3 decades. The new flagship is an entirely new turntable design with clever engineering and technological advancement, confirmed by independent testing and reviews as the worlds new reference standard.

Model 60 deliveries are now scheduled throughout the world for customers in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America, South America, South Africa and Asia.

Johannes Kraemer