SME Limited appoints four Engineering Apprentices

SME Limited appoints four Engineering Apprentices to join its highly skilled workforce at the factory headquarters in Steyning, West Sussex, England.

The four talented Apprentices successfully achieved the positions against tough candidate competition. The prestigious SME Apprenticeship programme is a three year learning term which will include practical training in all aspects of precision engineering with theory based engineering training at the Greater Brighton Metropolitan College in West Sussex. The new SME Apprentices will graduate in 2020 with a nationally recognised engineering qualification and as highly skilled Precision Engineers and Craftsmen schooled and trained the traditional SME way in conjunction with modern engineering practices and new technologies.

This new talent will complement both world class brands of SME Audio and SME Precision Engineering and will contribute to the future growth and development of SME.

SME is extremely proud of its heritage and this exciting new programme demonstrates that we are building for the future by passing on our unique skills to a new generation. The blend of old and new is a perfect fit for a traditional yet extremely highly skilled company.

Johannes Kraemer